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Screenplay Adaptation, w/ Pilar Alessandra, and ME!

Sign up for Pilar Alessandr’aScreenplay Adaptation Workshop on December 12th, and get a special bonus… ME! December 12th, 7PM to 10:30PM, in Sherman Oaks, CA. Screenwriting teacher Pilar Alessandra will instruct on the screen adaptation of...
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Are you treating it like a business?

My legal practice is a mix of business clients and entertainment clients, so I come across many people that are growing their endeavor from an early stage. That early stage is frequently a natural progression from a unique combination of passion, interest...
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Top 4 Filmmaker “Must Do” Practices and Why !

Aspiring filmmakers often let the contract and business details of film production be an afterthought, thinking “that’s not fun. Or creative. And I don’t have the budget for that un-fun, un-creative stuff.  I’m working with...
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With New Year brings New Year Company Maintenance.

With the New Year comes this reminder – it’s time for some Company maintenance. A few simple, but critically important things need to be done for those with businesses. Here is a partial list of critical requirements: 1. All Corporations, Companies, Partnerships...
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