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Areas Of Practice

Business: Full spectrum legal services for businesses of all types: corporate/LLC and non-profit formation, contract drafting, negotiation and analysis, practical business and legal problem solving utilizing my decades of business, real estate and business development and litigation experience.

Media & Entertainment: Media and entertainment expertise focused on the business, intellectual property, copyright, trademark and other needs of software and app developers, TV and film businesses, new media, game developers, writers, creative professionals and associated businesses.

Technology & Intellectual Property: Full spectrum legal services for software, app, and technology development, entrepreneurs and early stage companies.

• Negotiation/analysis/drafting all types of production contracts for technology, app/software development, film, TV, new media, video games & the creative arts
• LLC/partnership formation & prospectus/PPM/investment documents
• Trademark & Branding

• Script option/purchase agreements
• Life story / novel adaptation counseling, negotiation & agreements
• Above & Below the line contracts of all types
• Copyright clearance re: scripts, film and visual media

Personal Injury and Employment Disputes: Vigorous representation of people injured in accidents, and wronged by their employers.