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Legal Fees

Initial telephone consultations are free, limited to 15 minutes. I welcome the opportunity to learn about your needs and discuss how I may assist in solving your problems or achieving your goals. You are therefore welcome to a free telephone consultation. However, a lawyer’s time and advice are his stock and trade, so free consultations are limited to fifteen minutes. If more time is needed, we can continue based on an agreed-to fee structure.

I offer flexible legal fee options that best suit your situation and needs. Some prefer an hourly, as needed model; some prefer a retainer “on call” arrangement. Others a percentage arrangement based on future earnings (considered only when there is an established or near certain revenue stream). More limited or short term needs may warrant a “fixed fee for fixed service” fee.  Please call to discuss your needs, and how they can best be accommodated.

General Fee Structure:

Fixed fee basis:  Have a clearly defined legal need, such as incorporation of your company, business or production, the drafting of a single contract, etc.?  Where the need and time involved is clearly definable, a fixed fee may be the best option.

Hourly: $325-575/hour:     Where your needs are more open ended or less definable, an hourly fee arrangement may be best. I will always strive to give an estimation of the likely time and costs involved.

Retainer:  Where on-going needs from month to month are likely, a monthly retainer may allow economies of scale. This option provides the benefits of having a “general counsel” or “corporate counsel” without the “in-house” overhead and expense.

Percentage basis:  Percentage of earnings relating to relevant project(s) – available only when there is an already-established revenue stream.  This is a frequent entertainment industry arrangement which gets the creative professional the legal and business affairs services they need, paid for through future earnings on successful projects.

Personal injury and other relevant cases may merit a “contingency fee,” a percentage of what is recovered for the client.

A retainer is required on all hourly and fixed fee efforts, to be agreed upon as representation is accepted.