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LLC – Incorporation

With New Year brings New Year Company Maintenance.

With the New Year comes this reminder – it’s time for some Company maintenance. A few simple, but critically important things need to be done for those with businesses. Here is a partial list of critical requirements: 1. All Corporations, Companies, Partnerships...
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Are You Treating It Like a Business?

My legal practice is a mix of business clients and entertainment clients, so I come across many people that are growing their endeavor from an early stage. That early stage is frequently a natural progression from a unique combination of passion, interest...
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Contracts & Business Needs of Film Production – and why.

Filmmakers and writers often let the contract and business details be a second – or third or forth priority, which is unfortunate. Neglecting contracts and business formalities may prevent getting investors into a movie, or may cause a host of other...
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2010 USC Institute on Entertainment Law and Business

Saturday I attended the 2010 USC Institute on Entertainment Law & Business – terrific speakers on the state and future of the industry. The quality of the topics was exceeded only by the high caliber and knowledge of the speakers. Highlights...
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My “On The Page” Interview is Up!

My interview with screenwriting teacher and consultant Pilar Alessandra is now up and available! Our wide ranging conversation was focused on Legal and Business Do’s and Don’ts for screenwriters, and covered many hypotheticals and real world,...
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