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Louisiana Ranked #1 State for Film Production

Congratulations Louisiana – recently ranked #1 State for film production (in the “runaway” from Hollywood category).

“The state currently offers motion-picture productions a 30-percent transferable credit on total in-state expenditures, with no cap and a minimum-spending requirement of $300,000. For productions using in-state labor, Louisiana offers an additional 5-percent labor-tax credit on the payroll of employed residents. Louisiana is currently nine to ten crews deep, a nearly 400 percent increase since 2002.”

I’ve heard it said in many, many corners that a significant difference between bringing a production to Louisiana versus other states is that Louisiana has established crew and studios, so the production doesn’t have to bring EVERYBODY to make the shoot happen, just the key crew and talent.

As I am still licensed in Louisiana and California (and 2 other States), I can assist productions in LA and L.A. !

Read the full article HERE.