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My “On The Page” Interview is Up!

My interview with screenwriting teacher and consultant Pilar Alessandra is now up and available!

Our wide ranging conversation was focused on Legal and Business Do’s and Don’ts for screenwriters, and covered many hypotheticals and real world, practical obstacles faced by screenwriters, filmmakers and other creative professionals.

Pilar’s “On The Page” Podcast is a constant source of great information about the craft and business of screenwriting.

From substantive writing lessons, to the information shared by her writer, producer and director guests (and the occasional entertainment attorney), the podcast is a must for those trying to elevate their talent and knowledge. I’ve been a longtime listener, and have found the information invaluable.


My podcast episode is Episode 162, available through iTunes. Full access to this, and all other OnThePage episodes requires a subscription – well worth the meagre cost considering the wealth of screenwriting instruction the Podcast delivers.

Thanks again Pilar! I throughly enjoyed it.