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Business Cards – Don’t Leave Home Without Them!

When you go out into the world you often meet the nicest people. And being prepared to meet those nice people is important – that old chestnut about only having one opportunity to make a first impression.

Assuming an introduction leads to conversation and some semblance of rapport, it is customary – make that STRONGLY ADVISABLE – to exchange contact information. Doing so in a professional and businesslike manner will foster that good first impression.

A simple business card is the preferred method.

Scribbling your contact details on a cocktail napkin is not. Nor is the impotent statement “I don’t have any cards; I probably should get some…”

Get some business cards!

It has never been easier or cheaper. Here are just a few online options:


I used to hate networking. Now I’m a big fan – great things can come of it.

Be ready. Get some business cards!